Our Investment Team

Our experienced team of professionals are dedicated to searching for value on behalf of our clients.

As of March 2021, The Boyar Value Group has a team of 6 analysts/investment professionals with over 23 years of investment experience on average. The team has a diverse background consisting of CFA charterholders, M.B.A.’s, and J.D.s. The team collectively has analyzed thousands of companies in a variety of industries throughout their respective careers. Being able to not only accurately analyze a business but also having the ability to put that analysis within a historical frame work is critically important in terms of separating businesses selling at a discount to intrinsic value from value traps.

Mark Boyar Founder


  • Founded Boyar Research in 1975
  • Founded Boyar Asset Management in 1983

Jonathan Boyar JD/President of Boyar Research


  • Joined Boyar in 2008
  • 15 years of investment experience

Jeffrey Hirt


  • Joined Boyar in 2022
  • Over 9 years of investing experience

Drew Flowers


  • Joined Boyar in 2022
  • Over 7 years of investment experience

Joe Mareci CFA, Director of Research


  • Joined Boyar in 2005
  • 26 years of investment experience

Bruce Jensen


  • Over 40 years of investment experience
  • MBA in Finance from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

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