If Obesity Was a Stock You Would Want to Own It

If obesity was a stock you would want to own it. Weight Watchers which has been around for 50 years and has been evaluated in over 80 clinical studies is the Boyar Value Group’s favorite way to profit from the over 60 billion dollar weight loss industry in the U.S  alone.

At current levels, Weight Watchers trades at approximately 8.5x our estimate of the Company’s 2015 EBITDA. We believe that this valuation does not reflect the Company’s strong business model with meaningful long-term growth opportunities. Based on our sum of the parts valuation, which assigns a 11.0x and 9.0x multiple to our 2015E EBITDA for the Company’s WW.com and Weight Watchers International segments, respectively, our estimate of the Company’s intrinsic value is $65 a share. This represents approximately 55% upside from current levels. We believe that the multiples that we have applied are conservative in light of recent and historical precedent transactions (low to mid teens EV/EBITDA) of branded consumer products companies. If Weight Watchers were to be acquired, we believe it would command a significant premium.

To Read Boyar’s Intrinsic Value Research’s latest report on Weight Watchers, please click here.




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