The Boyar’s Value Group 2nd Quarter Client Letter

The Boyar’s Value Group 2nd Quarter Client Letter

The Boyar Value Group just released our latest quarterly letter to clients.

Please find an excerpt of the letter below:

We haven’t decreased our equity exposure, and we don’t plan to; instead, we like to take advantage of these moments of market dislocation to increase our equity holdings. We’re pained at the thought of losing money for our clients, but we see this year’s losses thus far as “paper losses,” not as a permanent loss of capital. After all, the price of a stock on any given day is simply what people are willing to pay for a business at that moment. But we believe that over the long term, either the stock market will come to reflect the business’s true value or an acquirer will purchase it for its true worth, as we’ve seen so many times before. We have no reason to believe that this time will be any different.

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