The Boyar Value Group Presenting at the 2017 London Value Investing Conference

The 2017 London Value Investor Conference takes place on May 25th with a fantastic speaker line-up.

Boyar Research has been participating in the London Value Investor Conference since 2014 and Jonathan Boyar will be presenting at this year’s conference. Until March 18 you can receive a £180 discount on conference tickets by clicking this link.

Past speakers have included such well-known names as Michael Price, Howard Marks, Jean-Marie Eveillard, James Montier, Charles Brandes, Mason Morfit, and Donald Yacktman – plus many others.

To learn more about this conference, please click on this short overview video that details additional information on the event. In addition, please click here to view a full 30 minute presentation called “Successful Failure” given by Nick Kirrage of the Schroders Value Team at last year’s conference. In the presentation Nick analyses the impact on his portfolio of his investment failures over the past 10 years. He then goes on to detail why these failures are part of an overall strategy which has worked very well for the fund over time. He also provided some details on his investment in Royal Bank of Scotland.

The London Value Investor Conference is the largest gathering of value investors in Europe. The conference will feature presentations from some of the world’s leading investors. The speakers will provide valuable insights into the methods and approaches that have made them successful, comment on the current investment climate and offer specific investment ideas. If you have any questions about the event, please email the organizers at

After the conference finishes there is also the LVIC dinner in the Members Dining Room in the House of Commons, which conference speakers and a limited number of conference delegates can attend.

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