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Boyar’s Forgotten Forty

Boyar’s Forgotten Forty

Date: November 03, 2015

In this video, Mark Boyar talks about The Forgotten Forty which is a publication containing our best investment ideas for the coming year.

How is Boyar Research Different from Traditional Wall Street Research?

Mark Boyar explains how Boyar Research radically differs from traditional Wall Street equity research. Boyar analyzes companies from a business person’s perspective and tries to determine what a company is worth to an acquirer instead of trying to forecast short-term earnings.

Boyar Research is proud to be celebrating 40 years of publishing equity research. In these two interviews, Mark Boyar reveals why he started publishing his flagship publication, Asset Analysis Focus, and explains what differentiates Boyar Research from traditional research providers.

Our friends at Value Investor Insight have shared an interview they conducted with Richard Pzena, founder and co-chief investment officer of Pzena Investment Management. In this interview he talks about a new technique he is using to help mitigate risk and discusses which market sector he currently believes offers the best risk/reward tradeoff.

The Boyar Value Group recently released its latest letter to clients which discusses issues such as: The impact of a strong U.S. Dollar on the stock market The investment implications of the sharp decline in the price of oil How a rise in interest rates will affect the stock market The unintended consequences of government […]