The Boyar Value Group’s 4th Quarter 2018 Client Letter

The Boyar Value Group recently released our latest quarterly letter to clients. Click here to read this letter

David Alpert, Executive Producer of The Walking Dead, CEO of Skybound Entertainment on what he did that helped turn The Walking Dead into an international sensation.

Share it on:      The interview discusses: How David and Robert Kirkman took the Walking Dead comic book series and turned it into the most watched show in cable television history; What it means to sell a television show to a network in terms of both economics and creative control; The actual role of […]

Scott Turow, Best Selling Author on the “golden age” of content creators and the economics of the publishing industry. He also discusses whether Amazon is currently engaging in anti-competitive behavior.

Share it on:      The interview discusses: Is Amazon currently engaging in anti-competitive behavior both in publishing and in their other businesses? The tactics Amazon employed to gain such a strong position in the e-book market Why he believes now is a “golden age” for content creators An overview of the economics of the […]

Ken Langone Co-Founder of Home Depot, on how he founded The Home Depot and the importance of risk taking. He also discusses the importance of not being complacent.

The Interview discusses: • The most important determinants of a successful business • His fantastic book I Love Capitalism • The importance of risk taking • How he was able to convince Ross Perot to let him take his company public • How Ken was able to co-found The Home Depot • How he incentives employees and […]

Tobias Carlisle, Founder of The Acquirer’s Multiple, on how to incorporate deep value investment into your investment process.

The Interview discusses: • What is The Acquirer’s Multiple® and why investors should pay attention to this metric • What does deep value investing really mean and tips on incorporating it into your investment process. • The importance of mean reversion • Two deep value stocks he currently finds attractive.  Bio Tobias Carlisle is the […]