Jonathan Boyar was a guest on Bill Brewster’s The Business Brew Podcast where he discussed the investment case for Qurate, Discovery Communications and Disney among many other topics. Topics discussed: What differentiates Boyar Research Why we normally do not invest in energy stocks What is the Forgotten Forty How we find value in stocks that […]

The Boyar Value Group 3rd Quarter Client Letter

The Boyar Value Group just released our latest quarterly letter to clients. Overvaluation against historical averages does not mean that investors should avoid equities, because extraordinarily low interest rates make prior valuation comparisons less meaningful. More important, at The Boyar Value Group, we don’t buy “the market”; rather, we purchase, and hold, businesses that sell […]

The Boyar Value Group 2nd Quarter 2021 Client Letter

The Boyar Value Group just released our latest quarterly letter to clients. Please click here to read the letter.  

Ryan Serhant CEO and Founder of Serhant, on the NYC real estate market, potential technological disruption in the real estate brokerage industry, his firm Serhant, Jolie at 77 Greenwich and more.

Share it on:      The Interview Discusses:  The state of the NYC real estate market and why he believes it will quickly become a seller’s market. Areas outside of NYC where he is currently finding compelling long-term investment opportunities. His firm Serhant which he launched in the beginning of the pandemic. The process he takes when […]

IAC CEO Joey Levin on why his company took a 12% stake in MGM, which companies within IAC he is most excited about, lessons learned from working with Barry Diller, and how he approaches capital allocation.

Share it on:      The Interview Discusses:  Lessons learned from working with media mogul Barry Diller. Why they decided to take a 12% stake in casino giant MGM. Which businesses within the IAC portfolio he is most excited about. How he approaches capital allocation at IAC. Which stage he believes Angi is at in […]