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Chris Mayer is a friend of the firm. He serves as the Chief Investment Strategist of Bonner Private Portfolio. Chris was kind enough to share a piece he recently published illustrating one of the most important lessons an investor can learn. To read Chris’s article please click here.

In March of 2016, Mark Boyar held a call to discuss his views on the financial markets. Topics discussed included the causes of recent stock market volatility, the importance of keeping ample cash reserves in order to take advantage of stock market corrections and certain equities he finds attractive.

Our friends at Value Investor Insight have shared the Editors’ Letter from their latest issue, recounting a seminal event in the history of shareholder activism: When Ross Perot took on an entrenched management and board at General Motors. We recommend reading the entire issue, especially the lead item on activism, featuring interviews with several of today’s top activist investors.

Time Warner, like the media sector in general, is currently out of favor within the investment community. However, we believe there are possible catalysts on the horizon that could help unlock shareholder value.

While corrections are never fun to experience, they are an integral part of the investment process. Without them it would be impossible to capture future outsized gains. On January 22nd Boyar Research released a note to clients discussing nine stocks that we follow which suffered significant price declines as a result of the recent broad market selloff, but had not suffered any deterioration in their private market value.