The Boyar Value Group’s 3rd Quarter Client Letter

The Boyar Value Group just released our latest quarterly letter to clients. Please find an excerpt of the letter below: Do Higher Interest Rates Mean That Stocks Need to Decline? Pundits see higher bond yields as a sign that equity valuations need to further compress (after all, higher bond yields are competition for stocks), but […]

John Rogers, Co-CEO of Ariel Investments on founding Ariel at the age of 24, the techniques he employs when investing on behalf of clients and more…

  Share it on:      The Interview Discusses:  Founding Ariel (which now manages more than $16 billion) at the age of 24. Surviving the stock market crash of 1987 and how he turned this setback into an opportunity to grow both his firm as well as his reputation. Why sitting on corporate boards such […]

6 Stocks With Significant Upside

Date: August 18, 2022

Is the recent stock market advance a bear market rally or the beginning of a new bull market? Regardless Boyar Research has identified 6 stocks that we believe to have a significant upside from current levels that also have catalysts for capital appreciation. We invite you to watch Jonathan Boyar’s presentation below that will outline the investment thesis […]

Uncovering Investment Opportunities in a Bear Market

Bear markets are scary, but they create tremendous opportunities for long-term investors willing to do the research necessary to uncover bargains. However, it’s critically important not to be fooled into thinking something is a bargain simply because it has declined by 30%, 40%, 50% or more. In order to help our subscribers navigate the bear […]

The Boyar Value Group’s 3rd Quarter Client Letter

We haven’t decreased our equity exposure, and we don’t plan to; instead, we like to take advantage of these moments of market dislocation to increase our equity holdings. We’re pained at the thought of losing money for our clients, but we see this year’s losses thus far as “paper losses,” not as a permanent loss of capital. After all, the price of a stock on any given day is simply what people are willing to pay for a business at that moment.