Our friends at Value Investor Insight provided us with excerpts from the book Reminiscences of a Stock Operator that profiles the life of Jesse Livermore. While Mr. Livermore had a very different investing style than we do (he was a trader and not a long-term investor), the book does share some useful investing lessons such […]

Tax inversions where you change your official country of incorporation usually by means of a merger has become a hot button issue recently. According to Bloomberg about 41 U.S. companies have reincorporated in low-tax countries since 1982 and 12 companies since 2012 have done so. The recent offer (which was rejected) by Pfizer to purchase […]

The Boyar Value Group recently released our latest market commentary. The letter is quite extensive and covers a multitude of topics. Topics that are discussed include: Putting the current stock market into a historical perspective Possible warning signs in the equity market that makes the Boyar Value Group question whether we are in the midst […]

John Heins who, along with money manager Whitney Tilson, publishes Value Investor Insight contributed two articles to this edition of The World According to Boyar. Value Investor Insight is a terrific publication which primarily focuses on interviewing value oriented money managers to discuss their investment philosophies, processes and some of their current high conviction equity […]


Date: May 06, 2014

Throughout the years we have been quite successful in identifying and investing in companies that have great consumer franchises, particularly after they have temporarily lost their way and their shares have declined precipitously. The obvious suspects such as Disney, McDonalds and Home Depot, among others, all appeared in Asset Analysis Focus, after they fell from […]