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This past week was the 17th annual CSIMA Conference at Columbia University. We are proud to have sponsored their last four conferences where well-known value investors such as Seth Klarman, Howard Marks, and Bill Miller have been the featured speakers.

Mark Boyar: Wise Man of Investing

Date: December 10, 2013

(This interview originally appeared in the January, 2014 edition of Capital & Crisis.)   Mark Boyar has been at the investing game since 1968. He’s been publishing his Asset Analysis Focus since 1975 and managing money since 1983. All that time in the ring makes him especially equipped to spot the absurdities, paradoxes and opportunities […]

Mark Boyar was a featured speaker at this year’s Value Investing Congress that took place in New York on September 16th and 17th. His presentation focused on:

Part I* Mark Boyar discusses how he believes investors can achieve an edge when making investment decisions. He also discusses how he employs the “hidden asset” method of stock selection, as well as his unique style of investing in great consumer franchises “masked” by a corporate name.   Part II* Mark Boyar discusses his investment […]

Magdalena Smith of Cambridge University recently authored an interesting and timely paper titled, “Should the USA Follow the UK’s Lead and Split the Dual CEO/Chairperson’s Role? Click here to download her paper.