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In May of this year, Boyar’s Intrinsic Value Research produced a report on Callaway Golf. The report discusses the turnaround effort that is starting to bear fruit at the company. While golf is a sport that is very much out of favor in the U.S. as demonstrated by recent data that indicates nearly 6 million […]

Our friends at Value Investor Insight provided us with excerpts from the book Reminiscences of a Stock Operator that profiles the life of Jesse Livermore. While Mr. Livermore had a very different investing style than we do (he was a trader and not a long-term investor), the book does share some useful investing lessons such […]

Tax inversions where you change your official country of incorporation usually by means of a merger has become a hot button issue recently. According to Bloomberg about 41 U.S. companies have reincorporated in low-tax countries since 1982 and 12 companies since 2012 have done so. The recent offer (which was rejected) by Pfizer to purchase […]

The Boyar Value Group recently released our latest market commentary. The letter is quite extensive and covers a multitude of topics. Topics that are discussed include: Putting the current stock market into a historical perspective Possible warning signs in the equity market that makes the Boyar Value Group question whether we are in the midst […]

John Heins who, along with money manager Whitney Tilson, publishes Value Investor Insight contributed two articles to this edition of The World According to Boyar. Value Investor Insight is a terrific publication which primarily focuses on interviewing value oriented money managers to discuss their investment philosophies, processes and some of their current high conviction equity […]