Ideas Worth Investing In: Introducing the Forgotten Forty 2022

Ideas Worth Investing In: Introducing the Forgotten Forty 2022

The Boyar Value Group has always searched for value outside of the mainstream or in ideas that are contrarian in nature. We are known for being long-term patient investors. In fact, Barron’s once referred to our founder Mark Boyar as “The World’s Most Patient Investor.” However, we realize many investors have a shorter time horizon. So, for almost three decades, towards the end of the year our team of analysts start to think about which stocks could outperform the major indices in the year ahead. We painstakingly narrow that list to forty.

Forty stocks. Forty reports. Each report focuses on not only what we believe the stock is worth, but more importantly, the stock’s catalyst—the reason we believe it will go up in the year ahead and why we believe someone should consider owning it.

Not all are traditional value stocks, but they’re all companies we’ve previously  written full-blown research reports on. They’re all names we believe in. They’re names whose “value” we know inside and out and, for very specific reasons, feel comfortable stating that we believe will outperform in 2022.

As investors, we have learned first-hand the value of having a guide like this for ourselves. We know how spending the time and energy putting in the research can pay off in the long term. It’s just what we do. So, it has always made sense to share this intensive research with our clients in a way that is easy to read, makes sense, and gives them the information required to see if they want to dig further into analyzing a particular stock. That way, in the year ahead, as our clients are managing their portfolios, they have so much more than simply a list of undervalued stocks. They have an incredibly diverse range of ideas they can investigate, all backed by a group of analysts who have taken the time to thoroughly research them.

Forty ideas. And just two or three of those—or just one—could mean a great deal of value now and potential success for many years to come.

Special Sample Reports

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