Boyar’s European Focus

Boyar’s Intrinsic Value Research has always covered a diverse range of U.S.-based companies, from small capitalization stocks such as Callaway Golf to large capitalization names such as Bank of America and Microsoft. We will continue to do this through our flagship publication Asset Analysis Focus. At Boyar Research we pride ourselves on our ability to identify areas of the equity market that are undervalued, and create publications to help take advantage of unique opportunities in the marketplace for our subscribers. In 2010 for example, we began publishing Boyar’s Micro Cap Focus when we thought certain micro cap stocks were particularly undervalued. We are quite satisfied with the results thus far, as the companies featured in this publication have gained approximately 122% on average versus 46% for the Russell Microcap Value Index.1

Why have we decided to launch Boyar’s European Focus? We feel the current environment presents an unusual opportunity both for ourselves and for our readers. Expanding our universe to include European equities will create additional opportunities to find overlooked, undervalued, and under-researched businesses. While most European indexes have kept pace with the U.S., there are pockets of companies in certain industries and countries that have yet to fully recover from the global recession. Additionally, in today’s increasingly integrated global marketplace many European-listed companies have similar characteristics as U.S.-based companies that Boyar publications have already researched. Consequently, we believe our intrinsic value approach to stock market investing will easily translate abroad. In addition it is worth noting that while we are known for our research on U.S. based companies we do have experience profiling European companies. For example, in our January 2013 issue we featured Vivendi which has returned 34% versus 16% for the CAC 40.

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1Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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