Boyar Value Group Market Commentary

The Boyar Value Group recently released our latest market commentary. The letter is quite extensive and covers a multitude of topics. Topics that are discussed include:

  • Putting the current stock market into a historical perspective
  • Possible warning signs in the equity market that makes the Boyar Value Group question whether we are in the midst of another bubble similar to 2000
  • How investors are mispricing risk in their quest for higher yield
  • What the pickup in the new issue market could mean for investors
  • The importance of keeping a decent sized cash position to take advantage of market turbulence
  • Areas of the market that we think (at least in our opinion) are quite overvalued
  • The reasons why investors so often trail the market and how you can potentially avoid
    many of the common mistakes most investors make

To download our quarterly letter, please click here.

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