“Betting on the Jockey” and “Wandering in the Wilderness”

John Heins who, along with money manager Whitney Tilson, publishes Value Investor Insight contributed two articles to this edition of The World According to Boyar. Value Investor Insight is a terrific publication which primarily focuses on interviewing value oriented money managers to discuss their investment philosophies, processes and some of their current high conviction equity ideas. One of the articles they contributed discusses why focusing on short-term performance is not a prudent way to select money managers despite the fact that it is far and away the most widely used technique. The article cites the case of Prem Watsa (known in some circles as the Warren Buffett of Canada) as a prime example of why this strategy is not wise. The other article discusses an interesting new investment strategy focused solely on buying the common equity of holding companies in an attempt to find the next Berkshire Hathaway.

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