6 Stocks With Significant Upside

Is the recent stock market advance a bear market rally or the beginning of a new bull market? Regardless Boyar Research has identified 6 stocks that we believe to have a significant upside from current levels that also have catalysts for capital appreciation. We invite you to watch Jonathan Boyar’s presentation below that will outline the investment thesis for these 6 companies. 

One of the companies mentioned in the presentation was recently featured in our latest research issue Fresh Looks: A Special Opportunity Issue. In this special issue, you’ll receive reports on 13 companies,  including in-depth reports on nine companies that we have researched in the past and that we believe to be well-positioned moving forward. In addition, you’ll receive updated one-page summaries on four additional companies that fall within these criteria. Any purchase before August 19th will include two of the most recent issues published by Boyar Research (7 full-length reports)  as a bonus. 








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