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The World According To Boyar – Episode 18: David Zaslav

Share it on:      The Interview Discusses:  How he helped launch CNBC. What it was like working in the cable industry when it finally started to gain popularity. David’s views on the current media landscape and where he believes there could be consolidation. His thoughts on how content will be bundled in the future. […]

The World According To Boyar – Episode 17: Michael Santoli

  Share it on:      The Interview Discusses: Michael’s fascinating career from being a columnist and feature writer at renowned financial publication Barron’s to becoming a Senior Markets Commentator on CNBC. The importance of Twitter as a tool for journalists. Michael’s famous source, ‘the mystery broker’. How Michael has used his experience covering 9/11 […]

Jonathan Boyar and Shrey Patel were recently interviewed on the Yet Another Value Podcast where they discuss the firm’s background and the process of finding stocks trading for less than private market value. Please listen to the interview below.

The World According To Boyar –  Episode 16: David M. Rubenstein

  Share it on:      About David M. Rubenstein: David M. Rubenstein is a Co-Founder and Co-Executive Chairman of The Carlyle Group, one of the world’s largest and most successful private investment firms. Mr. Rubenstein co-founded the firm in 1987. Since then, Carlyle has grown into a firm managing $221 billion from 31 offices […]

The Boyar Value Group 3rd Quarter 2020 Client Letter

The Boyar Value Group just released our latest quarterly letter to clients. In it we discuss: The upcoming U.S. election as a potential catalyst for the return of value investing. Historical equity returns based on which party controls all three branches of government (as well as the returns during periods of divided government). Our opinion […]